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Stunning Window Treatments For Your Great Room

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Great rooms are traditionally spacious areas that encompass numerous family activities. They can be a finished basement, a two-story loft space or the center of an open floor plan. While great rooms typically facilitate family gatherings, the interior decorating can provide a challenge – specifically with window treatments. Enhance your family's favorite room with draperies and shades.

Sheer Panels for Sliding Doors

Many great rooms open up to a patio or deck via sliding glass doors, providing an excellent transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Such doors also allow lots of natural light into your great room. To protect both these features while still dressing the windows, Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging sheer panels in front of the sliding doors. Select a color and pattern that matches the rest of your décor. For example, enhance solid-colored furniture with panels whose base color matches the hue. To make opening the panels easier, consider hanging them on wide rings strung onto a cable.

Shades for a Window Bank

A similar setup is your great room may feature a bank of windows. You'll want to preserve the airy ambience so much glass provides. For this situation, keep the window treatment simple by installing roller shades. Select a light, neutral fabric that blends into the walls. That way, whether they're up or down, the shades will seem to disappear while the open feel of your room remains.

Tall Draperies for Two-Story Rooms

If your great room encompasses a loft space, you probably have two stories' worth of windows on a single wall. This is a beautiful architectural feature that's best played up with your drapery. Most likely it's fine to leave second story windows clear. However, hang showy draperies on lower windows to draw attention to the architecture. For example, install functional shades over the windows themselves. Mount elegant curtain rods high up the wall, and hang curtain panels from these. The multiple layers and tall draperies draw attention to the room's high ceilings.

Short Drapes for a Picture Window

In the same vein, your great room may feature a gorgeous view of the outside. In this case, you probably don't want to cover a picture window that showcases the view. For this situation, consider treating the window like the display case it is. One option is to hang a tailored valance over the top. Alternatively, install an artistic curtain rod above the window and drape swag over the top. You can combine this look with ultra-sheer curtains gathered to frame the window to further enhance the view.

Whether your window treatments take center stage or recede into the background, select a style that enhances your great room. Contact a business, such as the Shady Lady, for more information.