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Five Styles of Bathroom Mirrors for Your Remodeling Project

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The mirror in your bathroom is a small part of a larger design, but it is also the part of your bathroom that you will likely pay the most attention to and time in front of. For that reason, you want to choose a mirror style that is both aesthetically attractive and practically functional. Understanding some of the most common types of bathroom mirror designs that are available can help you choose the one that is best suited for your bathroom remodeling project.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are one of the most common types of mirrors installed in bathrooms because they offer additional storage space behind the mirror. This makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms that do not have a lot of extra space for shelving units or cabinets, and they also maintain a minimalistic and clean aesthetic design where pill bottles and toothbrushes aren't left in the open. 

Lighted Mirrors

As their name would indicate, lighted mirrors have strips of light around the perimeter of their glass. This provides for direct lighting that you can take advantage of when using the mirror, and they are ideal for bathrooms that do not have many light fixtures or windows to allow natural light in.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are large mirrors that are installed within what looks like a picture frame. Different frames are available, so you can choose a more ornamental and complex one or a simplistic one if you so wish. Framed mirrors tend to be quite large, making them ideal for bigger bathrooms with large sinks and countertops that require more mirror space.

Pivot Mirrors

Pivot mirrors are quite similar to framed mirrors, except they are usually mid-sized and are mounted on moving pivots. This allows you to alter the angle of your mirror very easily so that you can look at yourself from a different side if you want to. Multiple pivot mirrors are ideal for those who cut their own hair, as having a series of mirrors makes it easier to see the back and sides of your head.

Venetian Mirrors

Finally, the last type of mirror that should be noted is the Venetian mirror. This is a mirror that has had its edges etched, so that it takes on the appearance of an ornate frame but is actually just more mirror space. There is little functional difference between a Venetian mirror and a framed mirror, but the aesthetic differences are quite profound.

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