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3 Things To Consider Having Custom Framed

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Throughout the course of your life, you will be able to gather all kinds of incredible trinkets, pictures, and clothing items. However, if you want to enjoy them, the fact of the matter is that using proper framing is essential. Here are three things you should consider having custom framed, and how custom framing could help you to treasure those items forever. 

1. Concert Posters Picking up a piece of band merchandise at a concert is a great way to remember a fun evening, which is why protecting posters is essential. While it can be tricky to find a frame large enough to protect your posters in stores, custom framing teams can help to create a special frame designed exactly for the specifications of your poster. 

In addition to making it easy to choose the size of your frame, custom framing teams can give you the chance to choose the color, shape, and appearance of your frame, giving it a unique and custom appearance. 

2. Special Clothing If you loved your wedding dress or love to look back on the good old days when you played baseball, having your clothing framed could be a special way to do just that. Although it may seem impossible, even large pieces of clothing, such as a wedding dress, can be framed, creating a beautiful way to look back on an important moment in your life. 

Think about framing special clothing items such as christening outfits, sports uniforms, jerseys, or even what you were wearing on other special days of your life. 

3. Art Pieces If you love art, don't hesitate to protect it with the right framing. Etchings, scratchboards, chalk pastel drawings, and even pencil drawings should be protected under glass, so ask your framing professional if they offer the service. Only use a framer who uses acid-free paper to frame objects, and be mindful of the medium before you place it under glass. Some paintings, such as oil paintings, should have access to air to preserve their sheen and ability to dry and harden, while others, such as pastel drawings, should be kept under glass. 

If you have art pieces, clothing, or posters in your home that require custom framing, talk with a professional as soon as possible about how to move forward with your project. Choose frames that are true to your personal aesthetic and make protecting the underlying framed object the most important thing. By taking the right steps, you can pave the way for a beautiful display, without compromising the safety of your items. 

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