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Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level With Panel-Ready Appliances

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Do you want a chic and modern appearance for your new kitchen? Are you looking for a focal point or color pop? Want to wow your guests? Then you may want to get in on a recent trend in kitchen remodeling: panel-ready appliances. What are they? How can they elevate your kitchen? Here are answers to your burning questions about this hot new idea.

What Are Panel-Ready Appliances?

A panel-ready appliance is one which is designed to accept a custom front panel. The reason is that the customer then chooses what style, color, and type of façade they want for the appliance. They may select a cabinet panel that fits their kitchen goals, including options like clear or colors. 

What Do Panel-Ready Appliances Offer?

One of the most popular fronts for panel-ready appliances is a cabinet panel that blends in seamlessly with your overall kitchen cabinets. It creates a unified, solid appearance that makes the space look and feel luxurious and even more spacious. And you won't have to worry about the appliance's appearance becoming dated. 

Alternatively, you might choose a glass door — an increasingly popular option for refrigerators and wine coolers. This panel offers visual interest and something unexpected that visitors don't often see. It's fun and surprising. 

Finally, there are a wide array of color and style options to choose from. A bold, contrasting color can make a more neutral kitchen palette really pop. It serves as a focal point or adds interesting variety to any space. You may also play with hardware styles to craft just the right appearance to match your vision. 

What Are the Downsides of Panel-Ready Appliances?

There are a few physical downsides to this style of appliance. The biggest concern is often the higher cost of this new and customizable trend. In addition to purchasing a quality appliance, you will also purchase separate panels or have your cabinetry contractor create a customized one. Finally, handles, hinges, and any other hardware are a separate expense. 

There may also be some additional space needed for the panel-ready design. It fits tightly with surrounding cabinetry, so you may have to customize the cabinets as well. In some cases, the appliance may take up more room. 

Where Should You Start?

Could panel-ready appliances take your new kitchen to the next level? Learn more by meeting with a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area today. With their expertise and these new choices, your updated kitchen will be a great place to come home to for many years.