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Pantry Storage Tips To Help Get You Organized

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The pantry is usually a catch all for your dry goods, canned goods and everything else that doesn't fit into your kitchen cabinets. You probably haven't seen the back of your pantry in quite some time and most likely don't use half of what is in there very often. To get better organized, you'll need to take everything out of your pantry and take out what you don't actually need. See below for other storage and organizing tips for your pantry.

Install Shelving

If your pantry just has a handful of deep shelves, change things up a bit. Install narrow shelving in an L-shape. This way you aren't losing storage space; instead, you are adding more accessibility. You can also wire shelving to help give your pantry a more open feel. Add pull out drawers to store things like onions and potatoes. To help store your cookie sheets, pot and pan lids and cutting boards, add tension rods between shelves to store them upright, making them easy to get to. Add turntables in the corners of each shelf to make those areas a little more accessible.

Use The Door

To use every inch of space in your pantry, use the door for more storage. Add a plastic organizer to the back of the door to store small items like snacks for the kids and seasoning packages. You can also add shelving to the door to store your seasonings or plastic bags, tin foil, and wax paper.

Add Baskets And Containers

To help further organize your pantry, add baskets with chalkboard signs that you can place your dry foods into. Place your grains in one basket, canned goods in another basket and cereals into another. You can also use clear storage containers for your pasta, rice, and cereals. The storage containers will help keep your food from getting stale, and they look a little nicer. You can also use magazine racks for your canned goods, if you don't want them in baskets. The magazine racks help keep them together, while not taking up as much space.

Use every inch of storage, from the floor to the ceiling and the door too. If your storage is too high, hang a small folding stool on the wall or the door to help you reach. Use big baskets in the bottom of your pantry to store soda, paper products, or even bags of potato chips. 

Organizing the storage in your pantry will not only help make your pantry look more organized, it can also help save you time when you're looking for something in your pantry, which can making cooking a little easier as well. Ask a pantry custom closet professional for assistance.