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Four Plumbing Improvements To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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When you are ready to start remodeling your kitchen, there may be many different improvements that you are considering. This can include different improvements that you may want to for plumbing installation. You may want to consider filtration for drinking water, low-flow faucets and efficient hot water heaters. If you are remodeling your kitchen, here are some plumbing improvements that you may want to consider for your project:

1. Healthier Water With Filtration Systems For The Kitchen

If you want to have healthier water for your home, filtration systems can be a great investment. You may want to consider having a whole home filtration system or it can be just filtration for the kitchen sink. One of the advantages of a kitchen filtration system is that it can be more affordable and easy to change the filters. It will not help with problems with hard water and appliances in your home.

2. Save Water With Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures In The Kitchen

Low-flow plumbing fixtures can be a great investment to reduce water consumption in your home. These are plumbing features that use less water to help you conserve and save energy. You can install fixtures like toilets, shower heads and faucets that use a fraction of the water that conventional plumbing fixtures use.

3. More Energy Efficiency With An Updated Hot Water Heater For Your Home

Another update that you may want to consider to save energy is an efficient hot water heater. There are many different choices, such as a tankless or on demand water heater. You can also combine renewable energy with your water heater, such as using a solar collector to heat water that a conventional water heater uses. There are also heat pump water heaters, which are more efficient than conventional gas and electric systems.

4. Redesigning Plumbing In The Kitchen To Give Your More Storage Space

You may also want to do something to save space in your kitchen. For many of the plumbing installations, there is a trap beneath the sink or other fixtures. Have these moved for a design that helps give you more space in your kitchen. For example, beneath the kitchen sink, the trap can be relocated to the back of the cabinet to save space.

These are some of the plumbing improvements that you may want to consider when remodeling your kitchen. If you are ready to start with these improvements, contact a plumbing contractor (like Grover's Interiors Inc) to help with the plumbing.