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Left With Scraps? Three Thrifty Ways To Use Your Leftover Fabric And Remnants

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When you invest in high-quality fabric and textiles for a home improvement or décor project, it seems a shame to waste the ends and pieces that don't end up being used. Turn these remnants into cool, contemporary accents for the home that echo the same patterns and color scheme of your space.

Three ways to re-purpose and make use of your leftover fabric are:

A whimsical accent wreath.

Turn even the smallest bits of fabric into something that you are proud to show off in your home: a wreath! Hang this coordinating wreath over a fireplace or doorway, or consider laying it flat on a table and adding  a candle to the center of your finished product.

Transform trimmings and pieces of fabric with this wreath:

  • Cut your fabric into small pieces that are all around the same size, either one-inch or two-inch squares work well.
  • Gather your supplies: a simple Styrofoam wreath, some crafting glue, and a blunt-needle or hook, such as a small-sized crochet hook.
  • Place the hook in the center of the piece of fabric; twist or wrap the fabric around and pierce the foam wreath with the hook. Stick it in until it stays secure, around 1/8- inch or so.
  • Try dipping the fabric in a little dot of glue before piercing the wreath to help it stay secure.
  • Cover the foam with these little pieces of fabric until your wreath comes together.
  • Add a hook or piece of wire to hang, if desired.

A plump and comfy cushion.

Be thrifty and turn remnants into a pillow or cushion with a little bit of fabric glue or a hot-glue gun. Simply cut out pieces that resemble shapes, such as leaves or hearts, from a non-fraying fabric. Add a bit of glue and secure to the façade of a pillowcase or cushion cover that has been washed and dried.

Decorative decoupage accents.

Another wonderful way to use scraps of fabric and bits of material from another project is to decoupage. This is a great way to transform cabinetry, furniture, or glass into something special.

Create your own decoupage accents with these tips:

  • Cut your fabric remnants into small, relatively uniform-sized pieces.
  • Clean and dry the surface that you plan to accent. For instance, echo the print of your sofa slipcover with decoupage doors on a cabinet in the same room.
  • Soak the fabric pieces in decoupage glue until saturated, according to the product recommendations.
  • Apply and layer the wet fabric on the surface that you want to embellish, and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Use a finishing spray to seal and glaze your surface.

Start collecting the bits and pieces that are left over after you upholster a chair, create window treatments, or complete a sewing project. Use these remnants for any of these three craft ideas to bring an additional decorative accent to your home. Contact a fabric store for more ideas.