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Using Color To Increase Your Restaurant's Profits

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Good food may be the cornerstone to a great restaurant, but did you know that your interior design goes a long way in your restaurant becoming a success? Professional interior designers know how to use color to create the right results for a restaurant. Here are a few examples. 

Red, Yellow and Orange

Bright colors like red, orange and yellow are energizing colors that stimulate the appetite and encourage guests to order more food. Red in particular is a color that promotes excitement and an upbeat attitude, making it an excellent choice for a restaurant. 

Too much yellow can be irritating and over-stimulating. This can work to your advantage because it makes guests want to eat faster, allowing you to fill tables more quickly. Keep yellow as an accent color if you want guests to linger and order drinks or dessert. 

Green and Brown

Green and brown are good color choices for restaurants where customers are encouraged to sit and savor a good meal. The color green is calming and makes people want to eat vegetables and other natural, simple foods. 

Brown is used to create a cozy, warm environment where your guests can relax and feel comfortable. 


Pale pastels will not necessarily stimulate the appetite but can make guests want to order desserts like ice cream. Pastels are a good choice for a restaurant that serves simple meals and light desserts. 

Blue and Purple

Blue and purple are not good choices for restaurants because they actually decrease your guests' appetites. Blue can be calming, but at the same time makes people want to eat less. Guests may also think of rotting or decaying food when faced with the color blue. 

Purple is similar to blue, and although it gets its regal aspects by incorporating the power of red, it is an appetite suppressant rather than stimulant. Avoid purple and other colors with a base in blue. 

When you choose a color for the interior of your restaurant, consider your goals. If you want to make you customers feel comfortable and warm, go with dark and natural colors with natural woodwork and low lighting. If you want people to eat a lot of food quickly, use a color scheme with bright, happy colors accented with white. The colors you use in your restaurant do make a difference in your guests' experiences, so be sure to pick an interior design concept that brings out the best in your establishment.  Contact a company like Telesco Associates for more information and ideas.