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4 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Home Stagers

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Do you plan to use home staging services to help sell your house quickly and for its best price? Before your home stager arrives, what can you do to make their work easier and more successful? Here are four steps to take to make the staging successful. 

1. Clean the Home

No matter how well you keep your home, take the time to go over it thoroughly again before staging begins. Move furniture, clean behind things, scrub walls and doors, and shampoo carpets if necessary.

This prep work frees up the stager to focus on creating a great interior design and frees up your time to help implement it. Plus, they will have all the information they need to work with imperfections, like how to use throw rugs strategically on an older carpet. 

2. Prepare Storage

Where will you keep some or all of the stuff being removed from the home for staging purposes? Locate a good spot off-site where you can stash your things, whether it be just a little or a lot, for a few weeks or months. The most common solution is a nearby self-storage facility, but you can also take advantage of a friend's garage or your new home's storage area. 

3. Remove the Obvious

The need to remove or replace certain household goods is obvious, even without professional assistance. You can get a head-start on staging by going through the house and identifying the things most in need of removal. 

What should you take out early? Consider things like deeply personal items, very religious or political paraphernalia, much of the clutter in kids' rooms, last year's winter clothes still in the hallway, or assets of high financial value. 

4. Make Small Repairs

Can you complete any small but important home repairs before the stager arrives? Simple tasks like caulking holes in walls, ensuring all the lights work, oiling creaks on doors, reinstalling screens, installing smoke detectors, or painting over your child's wall drawing will go a long way toward making the home presentable. And it provides a better canvas on which the stager will work. 

Where to Learn More

Want more suggestions for tasks you can complete before your home staging service gets started? Begin by consulting with your home stager as soon as possible. Together, you will form a team with one valuable goal: to get your home sold quickly, profitably, and stress-free. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a home staging service near you.