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Add Physical Activity To Your Workday With A Standing Desk

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Making improvements to your workspace can make an enormous difference in your health. Sitting at a desk for hours every day can lead to back pain and difficulty focusing. Instead of struggling to get into a comfortable position while working, consider replacing your stationary desk with a standing desk model.

While standing desks can be more expensive than you're used to spending on office furniture, they can come with several fantastic benefits that make working a desk job much more manageable.

Make Room for Stretching

Scheduling regular breaks while working at your desk can be challenging when you're in the middle of focusing and don't want to ruin your train of thought. Instead of finding it challenging to fit in time to stretch, buying a standing desk can be an excellent way to ensure that you move your legs during your workday.

Standing at your desk while working makes it easy to lean to each side, lift a leg to stretch, and even do short exercises without needing to leave your office. Having an easy way to stretch at your desk can increase creativity and make it easier to stay productive.

Optional Walking Pad

Having a standing desk set up in your office provides the option to improve your health by adding a walking pad underneath. Having a walking pad set up under the desk makes it easy to get your steps in while still at your desk since it can be pulled out during breaks.

If you're interested in setting up an adjustable walking pad under a standing desk, you'll need to have precise measurements and be careful to choose a desk with ample room underneath for walking in a comfortable position.

Flexibility to Sit and Stand

One option to consider as you compare desks for sale is whether you'll have the flexibility to choose between sitting and standing. Adjusting your desk to accommodate sitting can make it easy to choose between positions so you can improve focus while working.

Before choosing a desk, consider the pros and cons between manual crank desks and ones with an electric motor. The difference in price, convenience, and noise can help you make the right purchase for your office.

Replacing your desk with a standing desk can greatly benefit your health since you won't be sitting in a sedentary position all day. By having the flexibility to stand and making it easy to stretch and even exercise with the desk, you won't run into issues where your body feels stiff. 

For more information about standing desks, reach out to an office furniture store near you.